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SICK OF TRYING TO RANK UP WITH FEEDING TEAMMATES? WANT TO RANK UP HIGHER THAN YOUR FRIENDS? WANT TO TRY HIGHER LEVELS OF PLAY WITHOUT FIRST STRUGGLING THROUGH WARRIOR, ELITE, MASTER....? LET US HELP YOU! WE OFFER MLBB RANKED BOOSTING SERVICES! WHY US? ✔️Your password is 100% guaranteed safe with us ✔️Boosting is discreet and we will not reply to your friends messages. In game chat will only be used to communicate game instructions to teammate. ✔️We will not make purchases using your BP, diamonds and tickets, or use your stardust without your permission ✔️Your FB/ vkvk/ GooglePlay account will be used solely for MLBB boosting purposes only Unranked to (desired rank) services also available. PM for lower prices! PRICES*: ⚔️Warrior: $3/ tier ⚔️Elite: $4/ tier ⚔️Master: $7/ tier ⚔️Grandmaster: $9/ tier *$2 extra charge for promotional tier (except Warrior I to Elite IV) 🔱Elite I to Master IV: $6 🔱Master I to Grandmaster V: $9 🔱Grandmaster I to Epic V: $15 NOTE: ❗️We do not boost past Epic V to ensure that the service is completed in the shortest period of time. However, if interested, PM us and we may be able to make arrangements. ❗️You must not play any games during the time it is being boosted to prevent disconnections from boosting games and/ or demotion of rank. However, if you wish to play brawl or normal games, please ensure it is done when we are not boosting. ❗️Payment must be made first before our boosting service begins. ❗️We do give BIG discounts if you are working with us for more than one rank, so do PM us and do not let the prices dissuade you! SO...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DROP US A PM TO START BOOSTING YOUR MOBILE LEGENDS ACCOUNT TODAY! Tags: mobile, legends, ml, mlbb, bang bang, legend, rank, ranked, boost, booster, boosting, elo, push, master, warrior, elite, Grandmaster, GM, epic, legend, glorious, glorious legend, game, handphone, service, high, account, safe,

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