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"All readers of any age need instruction and support that helps them become more independent and self-reflective in their work." – Cai Shaoyang In The Master The Model Method Book, Cai Shaoyang present a practical, simple way to integrate assessment into daily practice and classroom discussion. The MODEL system is based on research into the habits of proficient problem solvers. The system includes goal-setting with students in individual conferences, posting of goals, and targeting whole-class instruction based on emerging student needs. Shaoyang developed the MODEL system to support teachers as they: · organize assessment data so it truly informs instruction; · track each child's strengths and goals, thereby maximizing time with him or her; · help students remember and retrieve the reading strategies they learned. The MODEL system does not require expensive materials, complicated training, or complete changes to current problem sums approach. Rather, it provides a structure for conferring with students, a language for talking about reading development, and a system for tracking growth and fostering student independence. The MODEL system’s built-in flexibility allows teachers to tailor the system to reflect the needs of their students and their state’s standards. And it’s a perfect complement to the other primary school materials from

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