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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty By Mark Manson (349 Pages Mega eBook - Full Version)


10 months ago by valuegoodies








Full Version, 349 Pages! Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson is a book you should read if you want to start dating hotter girls and make lasting lifestyle changes. It’s a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to live up to your true potential and become a better version of yourself; how to attract women by being honest and authentic. The goal of this book is to arm you with a strong and stable emotional foundation and get in touch with your masculinity. It goes beyond just success with women by focusing on turning you into a satisfied person with a healthy mindset and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Models does an excellent job in covering most of the relevant topics about dating and personal development and giving you a “system” that is easy to follow and implement. If you stick to this advice, there is no doubt in my mind that you will not only see improvements with women but also make remarkable progress in your personal life. Why You Should Get It Since I never cared for “quick fixes” or temporary solutions, in my opinion, Models is an excellent book because it focuses on long-term goals and affirmative action. It pushes you to make lasting changes by adopting an entirely new mindset. As someone who has been in the game for a long time, I know for a fact, that this is the only way to have true abundance with women and improve your lifestyle. That’s also the reason why I consider it as one of the best inner game books to date. But maybe you are wondering, why honesty? Why “attract women through honesty”? It’s quite simple actually, there are no manipulative tactics or techniques involved. You don’t really feel uncomfortable or guilty reading it. This book shows you how to become a better man simply by creating fundamental changes to your being, instead of teaching you to manipulate women. If you would give this book to a woman, she wouldn’t really have any real issues with it because it isn’t “sleazy” like some pick-up advice. You will learn how to become an authentic, attractive man, not someone who pretends to be one. Mark didn’t write it with many details in mind. It doesn’t dive into exhaustive descriptions on how to behave in every given situation. Instead, you are presented with the bigger picture (this is why it goes beyond dating advice). You’re not given the “best lines” or tactics for approaching, but instead get a general idea how to do it and what to say. And it works remarkably well. By the end of the book, you will have a complete picture of how to date women and improve your circumstances without getting overwhelmed by excessive details. Don’t get me wrong, though, this is not a book you are only going to read once and then be done with it. If you are a beginner, the advice here will be invaluable for you just because you will discover new things with every repeated reading. Because this is a book that focuses on your mindset, some concepts might be a bit hazy at the beginning, but once you get to the end (or read it a second time) things start to “click”. When I read it for the first time, I had already a solid understanding of the core principles of attraction. I knew exactly what traits make a man attractive and how to cultivate and display them. So, while reading this book, most of the content in it aligned perfectly with the experiences I had gained over the years. Basically, it covered almost everything I had learned in my five years in the game. But of course, I learned something new as well. In fact, there were some Hot girl looking intenselymissing gaps it helped me to fill. Maybe one of the biggest concepts that resonated with me the most was the idea of making yourself vulnerable. Because I had previously learned that displaying too much interest in a girl can make you seem needy, I tried to avoid it at all costs. But like so many others, I ran into the dilemma of trying to hide my intentions while at the same time still displaying them simply by approaching. This led to much confusion and I always felt that something was off – I didn’t make myself vulnerable. Vulnerability is one theme that runs throughout the whole book. The idea behind it is to show a girl who you truly are and to be totally honest about it. Now, it doesn’t mean telling her about the skeletons in your closet or becoming a sensitive and whiny bitch. It means putting yourself out there and even risking with rejection by basically telling her “here I am, take it or leave it.” And since you are honest in your intentions, you won’t come across as needy but as a confident guy because you had the balls to stick your neck out and risk getting rejected. Another big plus that speaks for Models is the way it treats women. While most seduction advice is centered around getting women, it sometimes completely leaves out their perspective. This can have the side-effect where some men start treating women badly and just use them to satisfy their carnal urges or try to get back at them for the times they were ignored as “nice guys”. Models, however, has a healthier approach to dating. It recognizes girls as individuals who all have vastly different personalities and preferences. That’s why it advises you to approach girls with honest intentions and to create deep and lasting connections with them, even if monogamy isn’t your goal. Maybe the best reason why you should give this book a chance is the way it deals with rejection, neediness and approach anxiety. Since these three are probably the biggest obstacles for a guy who has no success with women, Mark dedicates many pages on helping to overcome them.

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