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One of the most popular and most recognisable bonsais, wrightia religiosa is a definite favourite amongst gardeners and plant collectors. Commonly known as water jasmine (or 水梅 in mandarin), the famous bonsai gets its name from the sweet smelling flowers (that smells like jasmine) it produces all-year round. Indeed, many wrightia bonsais are grown indoors for this exact reason- the tiny white flowers are produced generously in bunches and with very short intervals between each bloom and the next. This means you get to enjoy the lovely smell almost always! This variety of wrightia is one that produces double-petalled flowers that is very uncommon and difficult to find (4th photo shows the normal single petalled wrightia flower beside the uncommon double-petalled wrightia flowers that this tree produces). It also has thin and small leaves which is as equally highly sought after, as compared to the other variety with bigger leaves. Its delicate leaves, together with the compact shape, makes them the perfect indoor tropical bonsais. And because they are fast growing, pruning is regularly required to keep their shape. In fact, heavy pruning often prompts the tree to bloom more ;) Keep your wrightia bonsai in a bright location where it receives lots of bright light and good air circulation. Give it a good spray at the roots area daily, and feed with plant food once a month. Overwatering or under fertilising may both result in yellowing of leaves, so do take note of that! Clay vessel measures approx 12cmA x 7.5cmH Tags: indoor plants, indoor gardening, modern bonsai, double petalled wrightia religiosa, 越南水梅. home decor

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