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Neagari (exposed root or sometimes called octopus style) is an unusual but very unique bonsai style. It is often used for tropical bonsais like ficus, but here we have a less common Radermachera Hainanensis, an evergreen plant native to the mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan. Its attractive foliage features shiny leaves that are bright when young, but turn dark and deep green when mature. It enjoys bright but indirect lighting and regular misting. Overwatering the plant may result in leaves turning yellow and dropping, so be observant about this! Also, if you are a heavy smoker, this plant may not be suitable for you (china doll really dislike smoke!) To maintain the fullness and shape of the plant, prune it down occasionally ;) We've also potted the bonsai into a modern terra cotta pot -- a definite conversation-starter when placed in any part of your home! Pot measures approx 17.5cmA x 15cmH Tags: indoor plants, indoor gardening, houseplants, office plants, modern bonsai, radermachera Hainanensis merr. , home decor

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