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Money In My Pocket: The Manual To Help You Keep It There! eBook


11 months ago by valuegoodies








SEE PICTURES OF CONTENTS PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS COMES IN A PACKAGE OF 3 EBOOKS: 1. Money In My Pocket – The Manual To Help You Keep It There! 2. Become Debt Free – Debt Reduction Advice We Can ALL Use! 3. Stop The Loan Culture Before It Is Too Late "Become Debt Free" I show you how to save Thousands of Pounds £££'s and increase your income by Thousands of Pounds £££'s No Bull - Just simple advice we can all use!! Before releasing this eBook I gave copies of it to some of the top eBook retailers on the internet, this is what they said: “I think its great….” “Thanks, looks like you've spent a bit of time making it, well done, looks really neat and tidy, good job.” “Excellent ebook, will have to spend some time using this advice” “Looks good and well written plus great practical advice. May be looking into some of those telephone tips myself!” “It IS COOL - I really like it. A great subject too - 1 close to my heart anyway” “That is excellent” The Problem I am sure you know the problem, every month counting the days to pay day, worrying about your finances. Whether you have debts or just feel that your finances are controlling you and not the other way around, this manual is for you! The loan companies claim that they want to help you but actually they just want to sell you a debt consolidation package or a loan with a ridiculosly high interest rate. Remember, those companies only make money when we are in debt. If you and I sort out our finances, they go out of business. The Solution I provide the information the Loan companies do not want you to know!! I will teach you skills and techniques that will stay with you and remain valid for the rest of your life. This is a self help manual, it’s is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Nor is anything we teach you illegal, immoral or fraudulent. This manual contains information that we can all use. Over the years I have assisted many people who have been troubled by debt to overcome it and become financially stronger. Every time, I have given exactly the same advice, or if you like, formulae to beat debt and better manage their finances. It is that formulae that I am sharing with you in this eBook. This eBook can help everyone to regain control of their finances and does not apply to only those in debt. Its not magic, just common sense. The manual will teach you to understand your finances better and manage your money by applying the tips that I show you. Anyone who has problems managing their money can learn from this manual, regardless of your circumstances. I have put things in plain English so that anyone can understand it. All the way through the eBook there are examples of what I am teaching, this eBook really is simple to understand. This eBook gives you ideas and gets you thinking about how you can help yourself to better control your finances by minimizing your outgoings and increasing your income. Unlike all the TV adverts and loan companies, this eBook does not try to force debt consolidation on you. This manual is aimed at removing the debt and making you financially stronger. From my experience, one of the main factors in debt is a lack of understanding of your own financial situation. This manual will show you how you can simply gain that understanding. Questions - Just ask yourself: Do you want to take control of your finances? Would you like to be debt free? Would you like to reduce your spending? Would you like to increase your income? If you have answered yes to any of the above, this eBook is for you! Full Resale Rights When you buy this eBook you get the full resale rights with it. So not only do I show you how to take control of your finances, I also give you a way to make money. By having the full resale rights you are free to give this manual to your friends to help them with their finances as well.

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