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THIS IS A PDF FILE WHICH WILL BE EMAIL TO YOU ONCE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. Phonics Pink Scheme Writing Book This 36 pages E-Book consists of only 3 letter medial 'a' words. The CVC words are phonetically sounded to enable the child use the letter sounds to sound out the letters and then the whold word. e.g. cat The child reads the word - looks at the picture and writes it 3 times on the lines. In this way the gets to learn practise his/her writing skills as well learn the sound and formation of the words. The CVC words are color coded as per the LMA(large moveable alphabet) materials. The consonants are in Red and the vowels in Blue This will enable the child to remember the words that he/she has formed using the LMA materials. I have tried to use all the possibilities of CVC phonetically sounded words. There are also simple sentences for the child to read and write. The sight words are in black while the consonants are in red and vowels in blue. In this E- BOOK you will find word families/rimes ending with at/an/am/ap/ag/as/ad/ax The pages that are in the picture are just some of the pages in the book. You have to just print the pages and if you like bind it to use it with the kids. More E- book with medial sounds 'e' / 'i' / 'o' & 'u' If you have any comments on this E-Book so that I can make improvements - please do not hesitate to comment to me personally via my email - This book is written by an Experienced trained Montessori teacher who has used this book for many years with her students. NOTICE: I own the copyright to this Adobe .pdf document(s). This file(s) is for personal use only, and may not be shared, emailed, sold or posted on the Internet in any form. When you purchase this you are agreeing to these terms tags educational learning early development language