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Morel Ultimo 12 - 12" SQ/SPL 4 Ohm 1000 Watt Subwoofer


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Subwoofer in good cosmetic and working condition. *Subwoofer grille & custom box included.* Features and Specifications: The Ultimo was engineered to set new standards in subwoofer technology and bass performance, satisfying the most demanding car audio enthusiasts. Available in a single voice coil configuration, the Ultimo subwoofer series is engineered to perform well in both sealed and ported enclosures, offering the flexibility of a wide range of applications. Equipped with a gigantic 5.1 Hexatech External Voice coil, and constructed of a heavy gauge high temperature aluminum wire and an extra thick aluminum former, the Ultimo subwoofer produces 1000WRMS (3000W peak) clean power output. The new DMM motor design achieves over 90% efficiency and the PFS spider/surround technology ensures maximum linearity, minimum distortion, and truly flat response. The Ultimo subwoofer employs a unique hybrid paper-carbon fiber composite cone that generates an extraordinary combination of musicality and sound pressure both in SQ and SPL applications. The high venting capability of the voice coil and the rigid Uniflow die-cast aluminum basket design provide reliable and stable operation of the subwoofer enabling many hours of listening enjoyment. Morels new, top-of-the-line subwoofer was a long time in coming, but it was well worth the wait. Spoil yourself, and hear how bass was meant to sound. Specifications: Overall dimensions DxH 305mm (12) X 146.9mm (5.78) Power handling RMS P 1000 W Transient power 10ms 3000 W Sensitivity 2.83 Vrms / 1M 88 dB Sensitivity 1W / 1M 85 dB Frequency response 10-900 Hz. Cone material Carbon-fiber laminated paper Net weight 6.7 Kg. (15 lb.) Driver Displacement 2.6 Lit (0.09 cu.ft) Voice Coil Diameter 130 mm (5.1) Voice coil height 37mm (1.45) Voice coil former Aluminum Voice coil wire Hexatech Aluminum Number of layers 2 Max. Linear excursion X 12.5mm (0.5) (Each way) Magnet system type Double magnet vented HE-Magnetic gap height HE 12mm (0.5) B flux density B 6.4 T BL product BXL 13.0 T.M Nominal Impedance Z 2.0 Ohm DC Resistance RE 1.7 Ohm Voice coil inductance @1KHz LBM 0.30 MH Suspension compliance CMS 0.80 Mechanical Q Factor QMS 1.238 Electrical Q Factor QES 0.49 Total Q Factor QTS 0.36 Mechanical resistance RMS 14.4 Moving mass MMS 135 gr. Eq. Cas air load (liters) VAS 105 Lit (3.71 cu.ft) Resonant frequency FS 22 Hz Effective piston area SD 0.0471 m Mounting Depth: 5.53" # car audio, ground zero, groundzero, Mosconi, harmotech, micro precision, morel, focal, audio, audiophile, scanspeak, DLS, Helix, dsp, pioneer, alpine, sony, jbl, clarion, kenwood, brax, steg, sinfoni, flux, rockford fosgate

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