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We are proud to be the distributor of one of the few water repellent products designed and created for helmet visors. Nano-HNP is an ultra-small (nano-metric sized) invisible, water repelling (hydrophobic) and oil repelling (oleophobic) coating that is natural and environmentally friendly. It was optimally developed for high-density acrylic surfaces. Tested and proven in Singapore climate. Rain drops that get onto your visor will form water balls/beads no matter how small they are and will not blur your vision. NO more wiping of visors with your gloves or bare hands while riding. Watch the beads get blown away. Unfortunately. not all water repellent products works for visors. Our team has tested a few products (NOT ALL) which ended up in deterioration of the material due to the strong chemical effects and we are pleased to inform that the above product performs as advertised and will not damage your visors! Do PM us for more information. Email: Facebook:

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