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Motul Rejuvenation Package For Your Car! (Smile Auto X Motul)


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*Listed Price Is Only Indicative. Final Package Price Varies Based On Product Requirement & Quantities* Taken Care Of Your Car By Sending It For A Grooming Or Coating For That Gloss Exterior Shine? Don't Forget To Also Refresh It's Engine Fluids So That It Can Take Care Of You As Well! We Offer Only The Best And Curated Selection From Motul, Only The Highest End Premium Products For That Extra Protection & Performance! 1- Engine Oil: Motul 300V Series (Racing Engine Lubricant 100% Synthetic with ESTER Core® technology) Keeps your engine purring smooth. *Pair with Motul Engine Clean Auto for flushing out your existing engine oil before introducing Motul 300V to your car.* *Add-on Motul Fuel System Clean Auto for cleaning out any residual impurities in your petrol system, for that better combustion and performance, keeps your fuel pump running smooth and strong.* 1H- Engine Oil: Motul Hybrid 0W20 Engine Oil. (Specially formulated for today's Hybrid cars) 100% Synthetic lubricant for internal combustion engines. Recommended for Full Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) fitted with gasoline engines. Keeps your engine well protected, even with the Auto Engine Start Stop feature that shuts and starts your engine frequently. 2- Coolant: Motul Inugel Optimal + Motul Mocool (Organic Technology OAT Coolant & Radiator Coolant Additive) The best cooling combo to keep your engine running cool and to keep it performing at it's peak, especially in Singapore's climate. 3- Brake Fluid: Motul RBF 660 Factory Line (High Performance Brake Fluid) The crucial fluid for your brake systems. Extreme properties for high dry boiling point of 617°F (325°C) and wet boiling point of 400°F (204°C). This squeezes your car brakes for that extra stopping power to keep you safe. 4- Transmission Fluid: Motul Multi ATF, Motul Multi DCTF, Motul Multi CVTF, Motul Gear FF Type 2 75W90 LSD, Motul Gear Competition 75W140. Ranging from Technosynthese, Ester & Complex Ester based transmission fluids, our selection covers most of the cars' transmission systems. However, due to the wide range of various specification and requirement from the manufacturers and transmission system makers, we strongly recommend that you refer to your car user manual or specified transmission fluid requirement and specification to ensure compatibility. Highly recommended for all performance cars and all car owners who wish to keep their car well lubricated and protected with the best of Motul's products. Those who seek not only performance but perfection too, this is the best you can get. Nothing But The Best. Full Range of Motul products available. Motul Car & Motorcycle products available too. Do feel free to chat with us if you need any other products which are not listed. Workshop services available too. Please enquire for more details. **ALL Motul products listed and sold by SMILE_AUTO are sourced directly from Motul Asia's sole distributor. 100% Authentic Motul products only. Please do not compare with other Motul branded products which are not from Motul Asia. Thank you.** Tags: motul singapore motul brake motul racing motul racing brake fluid motul rbf 600 motul rbf 660 motul dot4 motul dot5.1 motul multi atf multi dctf multi cvtf brembo ap racing alcon bmw m mercedes benz amg volvo polestar audi s rs volkswagen r skoda seat toyota honda mitsubishi lexus infiniti hyundai kia alpine maserati ferrari lamborghini mclaren porsche ruf land rover range rover jeep hummer hybrid cars

6 months ago In Accessories

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2019 Nov

Affordable and Genuine Motul products. Seller delivers for a small cost which saves me alot of time.