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  • soneta

    Quick reply. Service provided is excellent. Good service.

  • awesome_umar

    This is a complaint about Checkmates Logistic Movers. They stood me up 3 times. 1st incident (31 May 2018): After agreed on the assignment, I texted them the previous day to remind them. They acknowledged. On the day of the assignment, they did not turn up. The seller called and asked me where is the movers? I called them and was informed that they are on the way. Sadly they did not turn up. 2nd incident (31 May 2018): I called them and asked why they have not done the job after agreeing to it. They informed that they overlook. (How can you overlook when you acknowledge the reminder message the day before?) They informed that they will send movers in 20 minutes time. The seller and myself waited, no show again. 3rd incident (02 June 2018): They apologize and offered me a discounted price for their services. I agreed to give them the third chance and because of the discounted price. The seller informed that movers came, look at the furniture and left. The movers did not say anything at all. The person did not update me at all and kept me waiting until the seller update me. Please do not engage this unreliable and irresponsible mover as it is unnecessary problems on your side. Just imagine waiting and taking time off from work to ensure smooth transaction. You keep waiting and there is no show. This is really bad. Not once but thrice. Do u really want to engage a mover that can stood u up 3 times in a short amount of time? Furthermore once they screw up, they are really unresponsive. After calling them several times and sending many text messages eventually I will get through. This is a very stressful moment when movers did not show up and answering to get updates is very important. Everything written here is backed up by written text via SMS and Carousell Chats. How can this users have 98% Positive views. Kindly assist to put my feedback on this page. Thank you

Movers! Movers! Movers! Movers! Movers! Movers! Movers! Movers! Movers!


1 month ago by checkmate_logistics






CHECK OUR GOOD REVIEW FROM OUR DEAE CUSTOMER! We provide transportation and movers services! Please direct contact us now 87515691 for booking! 🚚 We are efficient, giving you a stress free moving experience! Our services included: 1. House & Office Relocation 2. Commercial Moving Services 3 Events Moving Services 4. Packing & Unpacking 5. Dismantling & Reassembling 6. Storage Service 7. Disposal Service 8. Transportation Cheap - Mover - Movers - Moving - Storage - Disposal - Transport - Transportation - Delivery Service

10ft / 14ft / 24ft

Yes(Additional Charges)


We available almost everyday! Last minute deliveries are also available!

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