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This anthology is curated from almost 2,000 poems submitted by the Singapore public in an open poetry competition Moving Words 2011 in Singapore. Moving Words 2011 used the SMRT train network as its media platform. It was conceived to share some of the many gems that were contributed by Singaporeans in this competition and is an introduction to contemporary Singaporean verse written by aspiring poets, young and old. Any of these poems can be enjoyed on its own, in no particular reading order. Nevertheless, many of the poems share common themes, images or techniques and resonate with each other, almost as if they were in conversation. A total of 114 poems are featured. The poets may be housewives, students, professors or professionals. They are also our fellow travellers, citizens, friends and neighbours. The poems speak for and among themselves; all of them have an equal voice, regardless of where they come from. Like the city we call our home, this book is a tribute to the music that can happen when we put all our shared voices together ˗ each speaking from our own deep, authentic experiences, all of us singing of home. These moving words are the heartfelt, courageous gifts of our fellow Singaporeans. May they keep you company for a long time to come.