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Multilayer Natural White Phantom point-







Multilayer Natural White Phantom point 89.7g 60.7x35x29mm You may not see the energy of Phantom Quartz, but you’ll certainly feel its presence in the room. Muhahaha! Actually, Phantom Quartz, also known as the “ghost crystal,” is nothing to be scared of. Like Casper, this is a friendly ghost. It gets its name from secondary crystal growths that haunt Crystal Quartz from within. These growths can be made up of minerals, or can appear as another type of quartz like rose quartz or smoky quartz. The Crystal Quartz envelops these secondary growths, and creates the look of minerals or crystals floating within the primary crystal. Not surprisingly, these crystals are all about growth. Just as with the journey Phantom Quartz takes in becoming what it is, our lives are full of unexpected growths. We go through phases, new things come into our life, we learn and we grow. The energy of Phantom Quartz can help induce and guide you through spiritual development. It has the ability to receive and deliver messages to and from the universe. This is a crystal that can aid the transition from one phase of your life to another, so that you learn what you needed to learn and move on. The transformational power of Phantom Quartz is a strong one, and the ideal energy for when you need to manifest a spiritual evolution. For those nostalgic individuals who often find themselves too focused on the past to concentrate on the future, seek the guidance of phantom quartz. As it works to shift your mind through lending clarity, it will also take you out of negative mental patterns, like thinking too much about the past rather than about the present or future. In addition to cleansing you of negative thought patterns, this is a great stone to use if there are any patterns in life that you need to break and reform in a healthier way. Each one of these white phantom quartz points will be completely different and unique. No two are alike; they will all vary in shape, size, appearance and pattern—yet they all carry a very powerful energy. 千层白幽 白幽灵的功效之心理作用 1、白幽灵主净化磁场,佩带它可以净化人体的负面能量,对于很多不能忘怀事和人,都有着慢慢淡忘的功能。对于失恋的人来说,佩带白幽灵最为适合,它可以将你想要忘记的慢慢从你的脑海中移除,使你得到释怀。 2、白幽灵也是男性朋友不可或缺的宝石之一,它可以加强男性朋友的阳刚之气,对于眼部、耳部都有改善的功效。 白幽灵的功效之风水作用: 白幽灵有带来好运的功效,它可以清除体内的黑气,以及是不好的运气了,以便给拥有者带来好运。白幽灵还有心想事成的功效。 白幽灵保健功效 1、其实说白了就是白水晶,一般白幽灵都是以晶石的形态出现,除了幽灵通有的招财之外,白幽灵还有着提神醒脑、增加记忆力的作用。对于学生来说可以提高学习成绩,对于上班族来说也能够帮助自己保持精神焕发。提升业绩。 2、开发顶轮、有息灾及加强健康功能。凝聚宇宙大量的能量,可将磁场能量加倍放送,用于许愿、息灾、强身、护身、能去病气、改善体质。 白幽灵功效 1、白幽灵具有净化磁场的功效,白幽灵水晶可以净化人体内部的磁场,改善人体的负面能量,有时还可以清洗人潜意识中的不好东西,使人慢慢释怀并能淡忘掉以前不开心的人事物,从而获得身心愉悦。 2、白幽灵具有避邪化煞的功效,白幽灵的能量非常强劲,它能聚吉避凶逢难呈祥,佩戴者可以避免一些不好的东西入侵。阻挡外界不良能量磁场接近人体,淡化甚至清除这些负能量磁场。 3、经常做噩梦者使用白幽灵可以起到净化心灵,平稳情绪,安抚收了刺激的神经,从而改变睡眠,降低做噩梦的几率,带来好梦。 4、女性拥有白幽灵水晶能够起到旺夫的作用,白色代表一种平衡、圆满,女性拥有不仅可以旺夫在感情上还能增强彼此的信任,使人尽量走出悲伤挽救感情的挫折。 5、白幽灵水晶还能平衡人体的气场,减少蓝色忧郁气质,从而让人更快乐;男士拥有可以激发人体内部的部分阳刚之气,排出体内毒气,补充能量,对眼、耳部分的疾病也有改善的作用。 6、低档烂桃花也是有一定的作用,如果你希望消除爱人、家庭受到烂桃花的干扰,恋爱破裂等,都可以借助白幽灵的能量来改善。

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