My Beauty Diary Tranexamic Acid Sheet Mask #idotrades


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☘Brightening & Nourishing ☘tranexamic acid face mask ☘authentic and imported from taiwan ☘can mix and match with other types from listing for cheaper price! ☘ 1 for $3, 2 for $5.50, 3 for $8 tranexamic acid- 3/8 left hyalyronic acid- 4/8 left sold For all skin types. Brighten and nourish rough and dull skin. Get a beautiful complexion with this mask. The serum-infused mask contains Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin and Peptides that hydrate, whiten, refine and repair the skin. Reinvigorates, restores hydration, lightens skin tone and shapes the face, giving youthful and radiant skin. Contains Multi-SilkTM, enriched with silk Amino Acids, silk Peptide and silk Fibroin compound. It rapidly infuses rough and irregular outer layer of skin, leaving the skin silky smooth, superior to common Collagen. Ultra-thin Hydrating Fabric, made from TENCEL fabric, with a thin and hydrating structure that is also soft and translucent. Enhanced water absorption feature and distinctive cut ensure seamless coverage of face for superior absorption. PRODUCT DETAILS Contains Tranexamic Acid and Lingon Berry Extract to calm and whiten skin, improving skin clarity and shine. Infused with White Lily and Licorice Extracts as well as Multi-SilkTM to achieve velvety smooth skin and youthful complexion with fair and even skin tone. Enriched with Mulberry Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera and Poly Amino Acids to replenish water and soft n aging and rough skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially for those with skin pigmentation and dark spots. Made in Taiwan popular in japan and korea