Nagao Higonokami Traditional Authentic Japanese Handmade Friction Folding Pocket Knife L Size Handmade Higo No Kami


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Tired with all the "tactical" folding knives which are beginning to look the same? This Higonokami is for you! Made by the last remaining manufacturer of this trademarked knife, Nagao Seisakusho, the company that has been making this knife for more than 100 years. The Higonokami is the quintessential Japanese pocket knife. A higonokami is a type of folding pocket knife originating in Miki, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan in 1896. The knife has no locking system, but is a friction folder or "penny knife", using the friction of the swivel or the pressure of the user's thumb on its iconic lever or chikiri, to prevent the knife from folding during use. The Higonokami knife continues the legacy of Japanese samurai sword smiths who created it in 1896 as a result of lowered demand for swords with the decline of the samurai under the reforms made by Emperor Meiji in the late 19th century. * Made in Japan * Hand made * High carbon chrome steel blade (needs to be oiled) * Brass case Open length: 17.2 cm Closed length: 10.8 cm Blade length: 7.5 cm #under3in

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