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Nam Man (Attraction Oil) - Extreme version


Sengkang MRT/LRT Interchange (NE16/STC)


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September Promo. Last few bottles left! Solid feedback from many!! Usual $188. Now $148 only!!! Valid for last few bottles only. Rare batch of Extreme Nam Man consecrated by Archan AE. It is not easy to get this batch of attraction oil from Archan Ae as each batch is made in very small numbers and it has to go through 3 months of chanting before it can be released. There is an enchanted Yintong in every bottle of this Nam Man attraction oil. The Yintongs are soaked in the attraction oil and chanted continously every night over the 3 months. At the end of the blessings, only the yintong which floats up will be used in the oil. If you look carefully, you will notice there are 3pcs of handwritten takrut, written in old khmer wichha. These 3 takruts are all hand written by Archan Ae personally as he wants to chant and bless each piece continuously as he writes each takrut. This is an enhanced strongest version of the prrevious oils we released from Archan Ae. This is a combination of metta, saneh, wealth and luck concoction and wiccha. Our attraction oil is made by real, famous, wiccha trained archan. Archan Ae is a well known master with the recognized lineage of LP Pern, Wat Bang Phra and Chiang Mai Spiritual masters. We believe in karma and understand the challenges of your situations. We do not fake 'masters' or pretend to be masters, doing a circus show to make you believe. All info on Archan Ae can be found publicly. And more photos can be shown to you during collection to prove that the items are personally collected and consecrated by Archan Ae The takruts are for each specific purpose 1. Chok Lup (Luck Boosting) 2. Metta (Well Likeness) 3. Maha Saneh (Attraction Attraction Attraction) If you been experiencing a dull, a pitstop or a slowdown in your relationship, If you have been facing cold shoulders during prospecting of new sales and enquiries, If you are working in a customer role, and you would like to build stronger relationship with your new and key customers, If you are in the night life business and securing loyal customers is crucial to your earnings This would be a good solution for you. Pm me to find out more. Limited bottles available only. Tags: love spell, love attraction, maha saneh, love at first sight, love powder Tags: LP Tim, LP Koon, Mahasurasak, LP Thong, LP Pong, Kruba Krisada, Kruba Krissana, Kruba Ariyachart, LP Sompong, LP Yai, LP Nam Kuan, Archan Idd, LP Chamnan, LP Sin, LP Sakorn, LP Moon, LP Toh, Kruba Boon Chum, Kruba Boon Ma, Kruba Boon Yang,LP Kuay, LP Guay, LP Nak, CK Rak, Kruba Noi, Kruba Baeng, Lersi, Pidta, Somdej, Phra Leela, Khun Paen, Sangkachai, Khun Chang, Takrut, Phaya Tao, Leklai, Nur Phong, Thong Daeng, Nawa, Silver, Sivali, Butterfly, Salika, Nine Tail Fox, Jing Jok, Jing Jork, Rian, Archan Thiam, Archan Subin, Archan Tee, KMT, Kumantong, Kumanthep, Luk Thep, wealth fetching, wealth attraction, luck fetching, lottery, love attraction, love ritual, love spell, Archan Nikom, LP Nien, LP Nen, Archan Prakong, Archan Pakong, Archan Ae, LP Rith, Archan Meng, HPY, Hoon Payon, Archan Pee, Archan Chuang, chuchok, jatukam, jatukarm, LP Parn, Pikanet, Ganesha, Phra Kring, Phra Rod, Archan Nikom, Hanuman, LP Pae, LP Kalong, LP Ruay, LP Hong, career amulet, luck amulet, wealth amulet, love amulet

3 months ago In Religious Items


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2019 Nov

Thank you for the kind gesture to drop by my place. Friendly and accommodating seller πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»