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YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR CAT? CHOOSING A GOOD LITTER GOES A LONG WAY. ✅TOFU LITTER ✅ ✔️Non-toxic ✔️Natural ✔️Flushable ✔️Safe if ingested ✔️Clumps easily ✔️Odour-controlling; light natural tofu fragrance ✔️Anti-bacterial ✔️99% dust-free ✔️Biodegradable 🚫 CLAY LITTER 🚫 ✔️Clumps easily... ⛔️ ...but also expands to 15x its size INSIDE your cat if ingested ⛔️Toxic if ingested ⛔️Silica dust carcinogenic when inhaled ⛔️Dust easily tracked all over house ⛔️Unnatural fragrances unpleasant for cats' sensitive noses ⛔️Non-biodegradable ⛔️Cannot be flushed 🚫RECYCLED PAPER LITTER 🚫 ✔️Cheap ✔️Non-toxic ✔️Natural ⛔️Doesn't clump—hard to clear ⛔️Smells bad faster ⛔️Unscooped dirty litter = cats track pee all over house ⛔️Cannot be flushed 🚫PINE LITTER 🚫 ✔️Non-toxic ✔️Natural ✔️Flushable ✔️Clumping ✔️Odour-controlling; natural pine scent ⛔️Disintegrates into sawdust easily; cats track sawdust all over house ⛔️Expensive Use ALL-NATURAL tofu litter that is safe for your cat, your household, and the environment. 6L. 1 bag can last 1 month if using medium-sized pan with full litter refresh every 2 weeks. ---- Sell-collect only. Address will be given upon confirmation of order. ---- Free delivery ONLY FOR ORDERS $100 & above, at locations in SENGKANG/PUNGGOL/TAMPINES/SIMEI/BUKIT PANJANG at seller's convenience.

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