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Purchase 2 bottles - SGD33/per btl Purchase 3 bottles - SGD30/per btl Feature: Classification: Nose essential oil Outer package color: Auburn Composition: Crustacean GAS collagen molecules, tea tree oil, grape seed, lemon extract, lavender extract Net volume: 30ml Product size: 12*3.5*3.5cm Package list: 1*Nose essential oil Instantly penetration into the nasal tissue, so that could absorb the effective ingredient faster and completely absorption, reaching nose efficacy Enhance nose blood circulation, relieve blood congestion, remove the nasal edema To improve adverse developmental skeleton, make the nose bone developed completely and the nose will keep up and beauty for long time, never rebound Directions: Clean your face with hot water (hot water can accelerate skin blood circulation )then take 5-6 drops nose up essence on your palm.apply them to your nose uniformly and massage it about 5-10 minutes until absorbed fully . If you like this product, do view my profile for more trending items. Bringing in the latest & popular items at a lower price. :) *Terms & Conditions* Payment will be via UOB bank transfer. POSB account can be requested, however, payment verification will take 2-3 working days. Items will be shipped out upon receiving the payment. Please note that some of my products are from overseas or direct from suppliers, thus, there will be no meetup available.

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