NEC Versa Aptitude Laptop With 1.44 Floppy Disk Reader


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NEC Aptitude Laptop Pentium 3 - 750 MHz Laptop is more than a decade old. Battery is dead. CMOS battery is dead. Monitor is dead also. Need to hook up an external monitor (VGA port). Laptop comes with 1.44mb floppy disk drive. Legacy device should you want to show your child how you use those in your days. CD-rom drive internally. Ports available 1 x serial 1 x parallel 1 x VGA 1 x USB 1.0 1 x IEEE 1394 1 x PS/2 1 x RJ11 Fire up the modem to hear the fax dial tone! This machine can also be used to test your patience. The boot up time is more than 5min and program loading time is a pain too. This is a norm in those days without SSD and multi-core processors. Loaded with Windows XP. So you can listen to the startup tune to reminisce the good o' days. Selling away to make space. PM me to discuss time and location. No testing on the spot available as loading time will just kill the both of us. If don't work just return to me for refund. No questions ask. If you write me a good story on why you need this laptop, I may give it to you free. Self collection at Punggol or Woodlands.

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