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Need A Car During Hari Raya? Be A Part Time Uber Driver! ($0 Deposit Avail,T&C Applied.)


1 year ago by fastandinstant




Hello there, want to own a car but it's too expensive? Want to rent a car during Hari Raya but the prices are over the sky limit? Worry no more, what we need is just your time and effort to contribute in achieving what you want😃 For first time Uber Driver signing up with LCR for the first time, there are so many benefit that you can carry with you right after driving out for the first time. Rent as low as $224 per week( after deduction of first timer bonus and uber referral bonus) for the first 4 weeks. Do not waste such opportunity during this period! For those who doesnt have the $500 required deposit, pm me and I will guide u in how to drive the car stress-free😉 I am a part time driver as well and the picture will show the effort that I placed to earn as such. Earn additional $250 extra by cash without any 20% deduction if you place me as your referrer once you completed your first trip on your next payout. Why wait? Hari Raya is coming soon. Drivers who pass less than 2 years from today will only be eligible to drive till 30th of June 2017. Dont wait, pm me now!!!

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