Never Call Me Mummy Again By Peter Kilby With Jane Smith


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----- Read once. Paid $18.14 from Popular bookstore. Peter Kilby tells his affecting but inspiring true story in Never Call Me Mummy Again. Peter was just a toddler when his mother tragically died, trying to abort a child they simply couldn't support. When his father swiftly replaced her with his mistress, Peter made the mistake of calling her "Mummy." Dragged outside, trampled on, and shouted at, Peter never made that mistake again. Peter tried time and time again to flee the terrible abuse that dominated his childhood: his hands held against burning stoves, being thrown from a window, and even his small feet nailed to the floorboards to prevent his running away. In Never Call Me Mummy Again, the heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting memoir, Peter Kilby tells of how he finally escaped the stepmother from hell. No meet up for small value item. Include free normal post.