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No bluetooth in car to connect to your phone? With this device, now you can connect your phone to your car audio system via bluetooth and FM. So you can play music (that are stored in your phone or streaming music, youtube) via your car audio system! Works with both ios and android. You can also insert USB thumbdrive to play the music files through your car audio! MP3, WMA, WAV supported. And yes, you can also speak via the car audio for phone call! Dual USB charger total output 3.4A. Car battery voltage check upon insert. Finally, a device incorporating many useful features but in a compact size. Reputable china brand. Includes: Box 2in1 charging cable (random color) ***Optional*** No spare 12V outlet? Get a 12V 1-to-2 splitter! Top up $15 only. Chat for more info/pic Buy online here: Car Accessories Carssories West

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Depending on time and day, the following are the usual locations: Carpark beside Clementi MRT Carpark beside BeautyWorld MRT Jurong East Bt Batok East Other nearby locations maybe possible.

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Free standard postage. Add $3 for registered mail. Or buy from here: