NEW Diesel E220d Mercedes Benz for long term leasing , personal usage, uber luxury premium & grab car


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πŸš—πŸš—Car Leasing (first serve first come basis)πŸš—πŸš— ☝🏼If cannot complete your contract, get a replacement to take over the contract This is a brand new vehicle = GOOD FC , GOOD ENGINE & ETC Need 1 month in advance booking 4 Year leasing minimum $825/week ❀️CONTACT US : Terence: 9322 9912 βœ… AVAILABLE NOW βœ… πŸš™ Volkswagen Golf A7 1.4A πŸš™ Mercedes benz E200d (petrol) πŸš™ Mercedes benz E220 (diesel) πŸš™ Toyota Vios 1.6A E class πŸš™ Honda Civic 1.6A πŸš™ Honda Civic 1.8A Hybrid πŸš™ Citroen C1 Manual πŸš™ Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.6A πŸš™ Mazda 6 SP πŸš™ 2D Audi S5 3.0 πŸš™ Renault Megane Hatchback 1.6A ❗️REQUIREMENT: - Singaporean - Minimum 22 year old - Driving Experience: Minimum 2 Years - Deposit: 1 Month Rental (Guaranteed Refundable) - Minimum 2 year leasing - 1 month upfront rental - Weekly Payment (bank transfer or bank deposit) - Insurance Included - Road Tax and Car Maintenance ALL Included - No ACRA Needed - No minimum trips - Malaysia usage - Grab & Uber ready - First come first serve basis ❀️CONTACT US : Terence: 9322 9912 CURRENTLY OUT ON LEASE NOT AVAILABLE πŸš™ Toyota Corolla Altis CVT 1.6A πŸš™ Toyota Wish 1.8A πŸš™ Toyota Estima 2.4A πŸš™ Toyota Rush 1.5A πŸš™ Nissan Latio 1.5A πŸš™ Nissan Teena 2.5A πŸš™ Toyota City πŸš™ Nissan Picnic πŸš™ Mazda 3 SP 1.5A πŸš™ Mazda 5 SP 1.5A πŸš™ Honda HRV 1.5LX CVT πŸš™ Honda Civic 1.8A πŸš™ Honda Civic 1.6A πŸš™ Honda Civic 2.0M πŸš™ Honda Odyssey 2.4A πŸš™ Honda Stream 1.8A πŸš™ Honda Vezel Hybrid 1.5X CVT πŸš™ Mercedes πŸš™ Mercedes Benz S350 LA πŸš™ Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6A πŸš™ Audi Q5 πŸš™ Audi A6 πŸš™ Audi S5 πŸš™ BMW X1 πŸš™ BMW 730LI πŸš™ BMW 320 πŸš™ Honda Jazz 1.4A πŸš™ Honda HRV 1.5LX CVT πŸš™ Chevrolet Aveo 1.4A πŸš™ Citron C1 SX 1.4M πŸš™ NEW Mazda 3 SP 1.5A πŸš™ Mazda 6 πŸš™ Renault Megane Hatchback 1.6A πŸš™ BMW 320i πŸš™ BMW 318i Car Available For : 1 Year MINIMUM LEASING Private Rental Usage Grab Car Uber Limousine service Airport trip Private Hire Grab premium Uber premium Uber xl Grab family Trade in car is also available. We are also able to supply vehicle to limousine company