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Etude House: Quickly Hair Matte Dry Glove & USB Charge Heating Hair Roll SET (2-item SET) 1. Quickly Hair Matte Dry Glove Tips to dry hair quickly during busy mornings! Help the right hand's drying with the left hand [How to use] After washing hair, towel-dry. You are now set! Wear " Quickly Hair Matte Dry Glov " on only one hand. Hold hair between fingers. Dry hair with a dryer while rubbing the scalp in detail. After use, wash the glove and dry in a shaded, well-ventilated place before storage. [Caution] Wash separately to prevent staining other products. Excessive rubbing may generate lint. Do not boil or dry with a laundry dryer. Material: Micro fiber (Polyester) 2. Quickly USB Charge Heating Hair Roll SOS Volume for bangs No worries on rainy days [How to use] After connecting to the charger, use after 2 minutes. - Overheating shuts off power for safety. - Connecting to the charger may not turn on LED when there is heat remaining (not a product defect). - After using a charge lower than 1.8A or using an unauthentic chargerwith long connection line, heat can be weak, or charging may not be done (not a product defect.) [Caution] Do not disassemble the product. Do not use while the product is connected to the charger. Use an authentic charger. This product is an accessory to create a hairstyle. Keep away from direct sunlight or humidity. Material: Nylon, Polypropylene Brand: Étude House Type: Hair Tools