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New style glass blunt dry herb smoking pipe automatic-retractable tobacco pipe glass Pipe official certification authentic


2 months ago by sgsales2015








Normal Price : SG158 Now : SG$78 Video Demo : The story of tobacco pipes: The tobacco pipes were invented around the end of the 16th century to the 17th century, they have been used until now ever since their first arising in Europe. In the past years, their shape and material have been changed in varying degrees. The majority of tobacco pipe fans are interested in pursuing and exploring new type pipe which are easy to use, and they pursue a more peculiar and perfect smoking experience. Until now, Yang Li, a lady, has invented a new type pipe---a rotary automatic-retractable tobacco pipe. However, her design inspiration came from the lipstick. How newfangled when you first use it, all right? Product name: rotary automatic-retractable tobacco pipe Type: K2580 Size: its length is 112mm, diameter is 20mm,and weight is 50g Material: high borosilicate glass, brass Packing: shockproof gift box packaging Structure: It consists of several parts, such as cigarette nozzle, outer glass tube cover, glass tube cover of tobacco shred silo, copper porous tobacco shred silo, screw rod with multiple threads, nuts, guide rails and so on. Principle and application method: Rotate the outer glass tube cover or cigarette nozzle to make the inner glass tube (tobacco silo cover ) stretch or retract automatically. The aim is to synchronize the burning position in the tobacco shred silo glass tube cover and the tobacco shred. It is generally understood that the tobacco shred silo glass tube cover like a cigarette paper. In the burning process of cigarettes, tobacco shred and cigarette paper burn simultaneously, while in the burning process of rotary automatic-retractable tobacco pipe, the front position of tobacco shred silo glass tube cover and the tobacco shred burn simultaneously. Product list: Rotary automatic-retractable tobacco pipe, a spare outer glass tube, a spare inner glass tube, a cleaning brush, a cleaning needle, 10 filtering mesh slices, a shockproof gift box packaging , and a operating manual. Detachable and cleanable: All parts are detachable and cleanable, it is easy to disassemble and assemble and no tools are required. The whole process takes only a few seconds. Procedure: Fill with tobacco shred and spicy in the copper porous tobacco shred silo. Rotate the outer glass tube cover. Keep the end of inner glass tube aligned with the end of copper porous tobacco shred silo. Set fire and please observe the burning position of tobacco shred when you first use it. Adjust the inner glass tube end and keep it aligned with burning position. Adjust the backward retracting distance of the inner glass tube according to the pace at which you smoke. It will be a very interesting and enjoyable smoking process, a unusual experience. It can be a gift to your father, he will be very plea Note: The glass tube is fragile, please protect them while using and cleaning and prevent them from falling down.


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ilyazinho46Item purchased worth $60. But the item sent was a more
4 months ago
sgsales2015Hi we contact you to apologize. We offer you that we will resend the correct product. And you can keep the wrong model that we have send to you. But you said that you don't want. Below is the msg between you and us. If you agreed us to resend to you the wireless power bank with you now. You will keep it. Ok for you? 11/16 9:23 AM ilyazinho46 How long to reach me? I need it asap.. 11/16 9:30 AM About 14 to 20 days 11/16 9:31 AM ilyazinho46 Sorry, too long. 11/16 9:38 AM Ok no problem. You can
daisyladybirdGreat seller to deal with! Speedy replies on any more
5 months ago
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6 months ago