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(18% Off) 5-in Natural Red Sesame Jasper Elephants #Caroupay 全天然的红芝麻大象


11 months ago by xymeet








Ideal as semiprecious stone themed collection as there are various materials available. For thousands of years, people have become indifferent to elephants. People like elephants and worship elephants. In Chinese traditional culture, the elephant and the auspicious word are homophonic. Therefore, the image is given more auspicious meanings. Material : red sesame Jasper Like all Jasper, sesame is a nurturing stone. Jasper is said to balance ying-yang energies, (physical, emotional and intellectual). Jasper can range from dark red, orange, yellow,tan, brown, green, grey and blue and comes in many forms. It helps to eliminate negativity. Jasper is a sustaining stone and can be helpful in times of low energy. Approx size : 5-in (12.5 cm) You will receive as per the above photos. All measurements are based on the largest. Original price : $168 Offer price : $138 (18% Off) Wholesale or retail is welcome. We purchase our goods from factory directly in bulk, so that we can price at very competitive prices. Meet up / NM / RM Meet up at mrt along NEL prefer if purchase => $28. FOC for normal mail. Add $3 for registered mail. Interested, you may chat with me。 最适合作为半宝石主题的收藏者,由于有不同的材料可选择。 几千年来,人们与大象结下了不解之缘,人们喜欢大象,崇拜大象。在中国传统文化里,“象”与“祥”字谐音,故象被赋予了更多吉祥的寓意。 材料 :红芝麻 跟所有碧玉一样,红芝麻是一种培育之石。 据说碧玉能够平衡阴阳的能量(身体,情绪和智力)。碧玉可以从深红色,橙色,黄色,棕褐色,棕色,绿色,灰色和蓝色,并有多种形式。有助于消除负面影响。碧玉是一块坚固的石头,可以在能量低时有所帮助。 大约长度 : 5 吋 (12.5 厘米) 你会拿到和以上照片一样的5吋大象。 原价 : $168 特价 : $138 (扣18%) 批发或零售,一律欢迎。 我们直接从工厂大量选购,精心挑选,所以价廉物美。 可选择预约或邮寄。 预约以选择东北线的地铁站为佳,如果购买额 >=$28。 普通邮件免费,挂号信加 $3。 有兴趣者,欢迎询问。

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