Nintendo Switch Compact Travel AC Wall Charger (USB Type C, Lightweight, Easy to Carry) - Local Warranty Assurance


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Brand New in Box. SG Plug in stock A must have for all Nintendo Switch Owners! Charge your power hungry Nintendo Switch on the move with our compact travel charger! + Compact lightweight travel design. + Fully compatible with Nintendo Switch requirements (15v 2.6A) + Built-in surge protector safeguards your device + Works also with most Type-C enabled laptops/tablets/mobile phones including Apple MacBook, Chromebook Pixel C, HP Spectre, Razer Blade Stealth, Xiaomi Air, Lenovo Yoga Pro, Asus, etc. Specifications for 45W Output: (5V / 9V / 15V @ 3A) (20V @ 2.25A) Tip: Reversible USB C Length 180cm Weight: 175g tags: iPad Pro, Lenovo Miix 510 tablet, apple macbook 2015, acer switch alpha 12, huawei, Nexus 6p, Dell XPS 13 2016, HP Elite X2 1012, Asus Transformer 3 Pro