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Preorder Preorder your skins for vita and ds Just send me the design you are interested in. Why buy from me? Trusted seller. High quality skins printed in a waterproof matte decal that does NOT leave any residue when removed. This u will be paying for the quality instead of the cheap mass printed plastic skins that might leave inremovable marks on your console. Or decolourise and smug when when u swear while playing ur console. Or skins that simply fail to stick after a period of time and shifts from its pasting 1 for $15 2 or more for $13 each This is the higher quality 1 that doesn't leave a residue when removed. Clearer printing and images are not blurred even when magnified. Do not buy inferior products offered by other sellers! More designs avail then other sellers as well. If u saw a certain skin you like u can take a pic of it and send it to me and it will try to find it :) Or if u are looking for skins of a certain anime/game and can find it for you too. Have some in stocks do look at my profile Full body skin for 3ds can be found too. Do indicate if u would like the skin only for the cover or for full body. Do let me noe which model ds u are using though. For psv skins do let me know if u are using the 1000 series or 2000. Standard price will be fixed at $15. However some might be more expensive so might require some top up will let you know beforehand. No sneaky price change after order. TRUSTED SELLER HERE! 😁 Deposit of $10 will be required or full payment to be made after the item comes and I will proceed to mail it out. Will take roughly 2-3 weeks to arrive. Deliver by free regular postage! Selling other accessories Gundam Xiaomi power bank as well. Take a look at other listings

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