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NISSAN SKYLINE 2.5 V36 installation with Shadow Edrive advance 4 E throttle controller - NEW anti-skid function allows the vehicle to move off the mark without wheel spin on slippery ground. -NEW “Drag Racing” launch control function offers maximum acceleration. -NEW anti-theft throttle lock function. - NEW brake priority function; when brake pressed, throttle signal is automatically cancelled. - DAC digital signal output offers 1000 times/sec processing speed. - Built-in high speed processor greatly improves throttle signal response and stability. - POWER Mode: 9 settings. Adjustment from MILD to WILD for super sensitive throttle response suitable for hill climb & road racing events. - ECO Mode: 7 steps, suitable for valet mode or driving in urban areas effectively reducing fuel consumption. For more enquiries call us at +65 9117 3109 / +65 9070 1625 / +65 9841 7650 / enquires: website: Shadow Auto Singapore 新加坡代理 #Nissan , #skyline, #v36, #performance, #Shadow, #Shadowauto, #ethrottle,#responder, #caraccessories, #日产skyline,

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