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NLighten Cloud Cream 30g- is an instant lightening cream that helps your skin look healthy and glowing making it more vibrant and smooth. Especially formulated to reveal the more beautiful you. With extracts of white rice and white milk protein, NLighten Cloud Cream helps: ✓ Maintain an even skin tone by protecting it from dark spots. ✓ Helps limit the over-production of melanin ✓ Helps reduce the signs of aging and helps protect from UVA & UVB rays. ------------------------------------------ NLighten CC Cushion 15g- is a new air cushion technology that helps you achieve a flawless coverage while protecting the skin from harmful UV Rays. CC Cream in a Cushion (simply CC Cushion). New technology straight from the land of cosmetics, Korea. NLighten CC Cushion helps improve uneven skin tone, hides those irritating pimples and blemishes. Forget those old makeup foundation that leaves your face as heavy as a bowling ball. This is the new trend! A very lightweight makeup foundation with the power of CC Cream. NLighten CC Cushion. Apply it anywhere you are and on the go.

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