(No Pm-Low Stock) Charming Sales Oil For Same & Opp Sex Attraction and Salesman Closing sales.


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(No Pm) Charming Sales Oil For Same & Opp Sex Attraction and closing sales. Last 2 bottles Your Boyfriend , Girlfriend , bosses , customer will listen to you with the help of Salika lintong 🐦. Comes with more convincing power to close deal when using this Salika bird oil, client, partner will listen to you because you sounds pleasant as though birds are chirping and singing 👍 Only 2 bottles left on hand blessed personally by master. Salika bird inside the oil etc Highly recommended Yes it is Available and For rent , leave your contact number for asking price and questions or details , strictly NO PM here because I don't log in here often. You can choose to PM here but you Definitely will not get a reply :) thank you, don't believe you can try :) By famous white rode love master whom made effectiveness Thai amulets and talisman which helps many Devotees in gaining love and wishes granted . He is also famous for making sex takurt that can be worn on waist and need to touch on skin during "exercise" so that your partner will be attracted only to you and only 'needs' you and not others. (PM me asking about this Sex takrut will be ignored and you will be blocked for sure, don't waste your own precious time) Many night life workers in Thailand has been visiting master to ask for help to increase their Sex appealing, sexual attraction to earn more money from their customers and customers will spend $ on them with little or minimum effort. Highly effective Big bottle charming oil Mixed with charming flower and various kind of items as seen in picture 2. Picture shows is palm size and this is not ahjan's small size oil, please notice the difference. Details is using will be taught afterwards , PM here "how to use" , "how much" "i am interested " , " PM me" "it is effective?" will strictly be IGNORED, dont waste your precious time to PM me , go find other seller! Does NOT contain spirits , PM me asking if it is Barang, spirited? etc will be blocked for sure. Tag: Pae tim kaew Keow sawai koon khun wat sai Chen cheun chuen long phor ahjan nam Meng har love callback ghost Kao nang kwak Phra sankajai Sangkajai takrut bullet proof monk aj tee Lek Aj ahjan ajan black magic Seng Klang phra pidta pita kring Somdej per wat daeng butterfly Kruba boon Tim sivali dam inn nmp butterfly krisana moon rak pita noi Sri love lover candles, lucky charm charming yen 古曼童 kumantong kmt kumanni, kumanne, kuman 爱神/天神/天仙: 芭蕉精,九尾狐仙,树精,燕通,阴通, 和合, Love deity : Yintong, banana tree spirit, nine fox fairy , Thai occult: nam man prai, nmp , black magic, 屍油, 尸油,尸体,降頭,巫術, 鬼 ,bone, ash

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