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Leave your contact number will get back ASAP as I don't normally log in here ! With salika bird and gold foil Very nice smell Mainly for Attraction and make people like you when they see you. Suitable for sales person meeting customer and when people see You they will like you. Salika bird is for enhancement of your talking for more convincing power and that people will listen to you because you are like sing song to them which make them feel comfortable (Google for salika bird effect, if you think I am exaggerating! Pls do not PM me with your number and kindly stay away) Excellent for Property , insurance , Car Agent and sales person. Example , bird singing song and people love to listen Details of usage will be taught to you afterwards Tag: Pae tim kaew Keow sawai koon khun wat sai Chen cheun chuen long phor ahjan nam Meng har love callback ghost Kao nang kwak Phra sankajai Sangkajai takrut bullet proof monk aj tee Lek Aj ahjan ajan black magic Seng Klang phra pidta pita kring Somdej per wat daeng butterfly Kruba boon Tim sivali dam inn nmp butterfly krisana moon rak pita noi Sri love lover candles, lucky charm charming yen 古曼童 kumantong kmt kumanni, kumanne, kuman 爱神/天神/天仙: 芭蕉精,九尾狐仙,树精,燕通,阴通, 和合, Love deity : Yintong, banana tree spirit, nine fox fairy , Thai occult: nam man prai, nmp , black magic, 屍油, 尸油,尸体,降頭,巫術, 鬼 ,bone, ash

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Yishun MRT Station (NS13), Singapore

Strictly No other place !