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🔔 Normal model (only Silver colour) = S$169.90 🔔 Bluetooth/USB model (Silver and Black to choose) = S$208.90 🔔🔔 Bundle pricing with Nobsound NS-1800 speakers: 👉 Normal model (only Silver colour) = S$328 👉 Bluetooth/USB model (Silver and Black to choose) = S$368 Add S$29 for Soviet tubes upgrades! - Amazingly high value in Price/Performance ratio! - World-renown for its super affordability and great sound for the price - Hybrid Tube Amp; tubes used as buffer for sound signature colouring for a slight ‘warm, tubey’ sound - Output done by SS chips - Tube-rolling is possible, very affordable and fun with audible sound upgrade - USB/Bluetooth connection mode acceptable for USB/Bluetooth-capabled model - Comes with headphone out to be used as a headphone amp! - 1 year warranty from QA - Optimal delivery within 10 and 14 days for local and overseas shipping respectively after order ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bank transfer payment to: OCBC Current 674-830401-001 Payment by Credit/Debit Card can use our Stripe checkout at our Online Shop: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First foray into tube amplifiers need not be daunting. Low maintenance, affordable budget and yet still sounds great, Nobsound MS-10D MKII hybrid tube amplifier is a terrific choice to start with! Nobsound has been a renown brand in the audiophile community for their super affordable but high performing audio products. MS-10D MKII has gathered majority of positive reviews worldwide for the great sound it produces, all without bursting a big hole in the wallet. MS-10D MKII is a hybrid tube amp. Meaning to say, the sound output is not coming from the tubes, but from solid-state (SS) chips. The tubes on the amp only acts as buffer to the signal input, altering (or distorting, in tube amp terms) the sound slightly to give it that little ‘warmth’ or ‘tubey’ sound tube amps are famous before sending it to the SS chips for amplifying output. While the tubes do not participate in both pre-amping or output stage, tube-rolling the tubes still give sound signature changes. Accepting 2x 6N1 and 2x 6P1 tubes, the equivalents of these tubes, while limited, are similarly affordable. Tube-rolling in this amp can be a fun and easy-on-the-wallet procedure in bringing the joy out of owning a tube amp, especially so if this being the first tube-related amp! Bluetooth/USB model allows playing of music wirelessly streamed from bluetooth-enabled device, bringing the level of usage up from the usual interconnect mode of connection. Presence of USB port also allows plugging in of thumbdrives with music stored inside to be played as well. The files are limited to WAV/FLAC/MP3/APE/WMA formats of 16Bit bitrate 48kHz sampling rate. The headphone output on the front panel allows one to use it as a desktop headphone amp as well! Specifications: Output: 25W per channel with SS chip output Frequency Response: 28Hz – 20kHz SNR: 80dB Input sensitivity: 300mV Input Impedance: 47kΩ Output Impedance: 4Ω-16Ω Inputs Modes: Analog RCA x2, USB and Bluetooth (for USB/Bluetooth model only) Headphone out: Yes Tube configuration: Beijing 6N1 x2, Shuguang 6P1 x2 Dimensions: (W) 270mm X (D) 312mm X (H) 150mm Weight: 5 kg (gross)

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