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Condition: 9/10, none PSB approved as I don't like Double D locking system. Buyers don't use this to bargain price. The original clip-lock produces exact same safety feature as DD. Throw SENA 5 FM BT communicator (Model SMH5-FM)- <<<<SOLD OUT>>>> Come with chin guard, NO beak for this color. So 4 combinations you will get to wear this fantastic helmet. Inner linen washable (just wash it and never wear it afterward). Replaceable at Regina. Review of this helmet at links below, being one of the best modular helmet in the market. Reason selling: Driving car now no longer riding my bike anymore. Sena 5: UP $189 <<<SOLD OUT>>> Nolan N44: UP $259 Now selling $159 without communicator Tag: HJC; Arai; Shark; Shoei; Bell; Agv

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