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1 FOR $1.20 5 FOR $5 1 BOX OF 30 : $28 The products star premium mineral-rich Deep Sea Water, brimming with Magnesium that detoxes skin, locks in moisture, speeds up cell turnover rate, and battles acne and other skin problems. This underwater treasure proves skin can be clean without feeling squeaky dry. The powder wash, more effective than a scrub and less irritating than chemical formulas, deeply cleanses and exfoliates skin while also calming and revitalising. The mini granules react to skin’s temperature and improves cell regeneration, which leaves skin healthier and pores smaller. After a refreshing wash, your skin will look and feel pure without the dehydrated, stripped sensation. To use, wet your hands and dispense a packet into your palm. Rub together gently until the powder melts away. You should be left with a perfect lather. TIPS: One packet actually contains quite a bit of product so if you’re not doing any heavy duty cleansing, one packet could potentially last you two washes!

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