Nua Wan Pasom Chanmark ,Phor Than Klai with an imprint of  Sor Kor Neung (Suan Khan 1st Batch) in the back, the 1st Batch of Wat Suan Khan, made by Phor Than Klai of Wat Suankhan, Nakorn Sri Dhammaraj Province in between BE 2510 - 2512 (CE 1967-1969).


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Blessing Ceremony at Wat Suan Khan for a non-stop 7 days and 7 nights, blessed by : LP Tim of Wat Changhai, Phor Than Klai of Wat Suan Khan, LP Plod of Wat Hua-par, Phor Than Keaw of Wat Rong-bon, LP Sri ngern of Wat Donsala, Archan Kong of Wat Bansuan, Archan Nam of Wat Donsala, Phor Than Klink of Wat Taloongthong, LP Moon of Wat Kaodangtawan-ork and others. *Chanmark is a left-over paste of betel nuts, betel leaf and lime after chewing by monks. Chanmark is considered as holy object because most of guru monks are chewing betel nuts in their mouths while praying, chanting and blessing