Numlerk Kruba Krissana Block Thep Fahdin Butterfly Jumbo Birthday Batch BE2560 (left)


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Block Thep Fahdin Jumbo Birthday Batch BE2560 (Numlerk) Kruba hand pump. This is jumbo , around 7 cm with case . 6 cm plus without . One of the most affordable Kruba Own hand pump. Comes with micron silver casing. Able to nego. You may ask me why is this piece more expensive than other batches of butterfly holy items , it is because from choosing holy powder to making this piece is all by master Kruba himself and have its collector value . With hours of chanting by Kruba Krissana in a big blessing ceremony ! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Pm me i can send you the video when Kruba pump this amulet to clear your doubts. High Collector Piece- *Kruba ownself Pump (See third Photo) *Real Gold Takrut *Real Ruby & Gems *Only made 65 pieces *Go through official blessing ceremony (together with phra shiva 1st batch) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Only left with one piece . FAST HAND FAST LEG Interested please pm me to secure to collector piece now. If proven fake , will refund you and eat the amulet myself. ---------------------------------------------- Fah means Heaven Din means soil . One would receive the blessings from Heaven and Earth. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do meetups at your residential area on an agreement time and date. TAGS thai amulets collector thailand kruba krissana butterfly

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