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O Level/A Level/JC/IB/IGCSE/Biology Chemistry Home Tuition



Please sms/whatsapp 86999406 to enquire :) Tuition Centre Chemistry Tutor Name: Alice Age: 29 Gender: Female Category: Full time tutor Race: Chinese Qualification: Degree Yr of exp: 9 From Chung Cheng High, NYJC, NTU, A Level: H2 Chem-A, H2 Biology-A Uni Course Title - bachelor’s degree of Science | Degree Award - Honours | Year Obtained - 2013 I have graduated from NTU school of biological sciences and have been teaching Chemistry and Biology at secondary & JC levels since JC years. Taught students from RJC, HCI, VJC, NYJC, HCI, DHS, RVHS, and many secondary students in combined Or pure Biology and Chemistry. I also specialize in IP Biology and Chemistry, and have taught students from RI, HCI, NJC, TJC, Nanyang Girls, St Nicolas, etc. My forte is JC Chemistry, Biology, upper secondary Chemistry and Biology. For the last 5 years, all my O level students got Bs and As during O level exams. Some even improved from F9, E8 to A2, A1 within a year. All my JC1 students 100% promoted to J2 and had at least 2 grades improvement, and my J2 students 100% got As and Bs. I also have students who are taking IB SL, HL Chemistry, US AP Chemistry, SAT Chemistry exam every year. And I helped them excel in their exams. If you are looking for help in these subjects, feel free to contact me as well. I am current teaching O level Chemistry, Biology and JC H2 Chemistry in a renowned tuition centre. 2016: Student from St Nicholas Girls' School IP improved from D7 to B4 in pure chemistry after intensive tuition for 3 months. In 2017, she improved from B4 to A2 in the recent examinations. Two J2 NYJC H2 Chem student who improved from U to C after half a year of lessons and later they scored A. One RJC student improved from fail to A in A level H2 Biology 2016 One Year 1 DHS H2 Chemistry student improved from U to a pass in half a year. 2017 A S3 HCI IP student improved from fail to 80% in his re-test paper in Pure Chemistry. A S4 St Nicolas Girls IP girl improved from fail in Pure chemistry to a pass in 2016 and improved to A2 in 2017 For JC Students, she is currently teaching one J1 TPJC H2 Chemistry student, One J1 NJC student in H2 Chemistry and Biology, and one J2 AJC H2 Biology student, two RJC students in Chemistry and biology. A RJC H2 Chemistry student improved from S in 2017 Midyear to C in final year A TPJC H2 Chemistry student improvement from U in 2017 Midyear to D in his final year and was promoted to J2. 2018 Taught a no of Sec 3 & 4 Pure Chemistry and Biology students. Teaching JC Chemistry in Tuition Centre One Sec Boy from Pasir Ris Crescent Sec, Combined Bio & Chemistry, from C6 to A2 within 1 year. One J2 ACJC H2 Chemistry improved from U to D in prelim. One J2 JJC H2 Bio student improved from U to E in prelim. One HCI IP student maintained A2 Throughout the year in Pure Chemistry Currently, I have more than 5 O level Chemistry and Biology students. I have more than 10 1-to-1 H2 Chemistry students, with more than 10 JC2 H2 Chemistry students, including JC H2 Chemistry group tuition at Orchard Plaza. I am also teaching 2 IB students science, including 1 IB HL Chemistry student from ACSI now.

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