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O level notes







✨Preparing for your GCE O level exam? Want to score the perfect score to get into the top schools? Heres the right place for you! - My journey - ✨I got into my sec school class with the lowest T score (PSLE) and graduated with the highest L1R5 (O Level) of 7-6=1 (because I take CLL in JC) ✨Im not a smart student, but I worked very hard as I wanted to get into Hwa Chong JC very badly. It took me 2 years to compile ALL these notes from all sources (school textbooks, practise papers, past year exam papers etc). 📌📝My notes are made strictly according to GCE O level criteria. They are all you need to secure that A* in O level :) ✨(Scanned ver, pdf) 🎓O level Physics: $20 - full set (chpt 1-22) - all formulae provided - all definitions provided 🎓O level E Math: $20 - full set (sec 3-4) - all formulae provided - important work solutions + tips - O lvl syllabus (must know!) + O level formulae list (impt!) 🎓O level A math: $20 - full set (sec 3-4) - page by page summarisation of full textbook A math 360 Marshall cavendish (7th edition) - all formulae provided - important work solutions + tips - O level formulae list 🎓O level Music Elective Programme: $20 - full set (sec 3-4) - music devices, textures, forms, signs, terms - music instruments in different languages - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century - tips for music composition - Indian, Javanese Gamelan, Balinese Gamelan, Malay, Chinese music. (Instruments and their functions) 🎓Other subjects will be available soon! - Tips - ✨Always remember that even if you have the best help from everyone, how good your results are will always be dependent on your hard work! ✨All the notes will be sent to you in soft copies (pdf), receive them in your email account! Download it in your phone and read it on your way to school!🚇 Just dm me your email address after making payment :)) Thank you and all the best!! 🎀 ‼️DO NOT share with anyone the files, theres a tracking system.

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