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Condition: New #bestsellermask #facemask #natural #skincare #mask #flashsale #cheapest #bundlebuy #beauty #student #korea Direct imported from SouthKorea. it is sold at major shopping and Chinatown wholesale market 1 pc for $1.5. Get it cheaper here  Terms and condition : *1 for 50cents *10 pieces ($3.5) Shipping fee additional $1.5 Flavours available : 1. Blueberry     Blueberry extract effect rich in Vitamin C of antioxidant anthocyanins supplies active ingredient for anti aging and berries moisture 2. Pomegranate Collagen     Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid that strengthens skin barrier and give elasticity to skin so thus to make skin firmer. 3. Black Pearl     Black pearl extract to make skin fairer and boost brightness to dull skin. 4. Green Tea      Organic Green tea extract makes your skin glow healthy by adjusting oil-water balance. It also soothes rough and sensitive skin comfortably. Suitable for oily skin 5. Pine Mushroom     Pine mushrooms extract blend rich in plant minerals and vitamins necessary for anti-inflammatory effect. 6. Aqua gel     Aqua gel mask combines hyaluronic acid and ceramide 3 for excellent moisturising effect on skin. Suitable for very dry and flacky skin. 7. Snail Gold     Help to promote elasticity, moisture and firming of skin. 8. Ginseng     Effects of red ginseng from Korea is known for many health benefits for skin. It gives nutrition to dull skin. Suitable for aging skin or really dry skin. 9. Horse oil     Functional ingredients and raw oils processed by horse fat able to give energy to the skin which lost its clarity. Antibacterial  and regenerative active ingredient 10. Houttuniaa cordata       Houttuniaa cordata extract helps soothen stress skin to regenerate new cells for healthy glowing skin 11. Aloe vera      Aloe vera powerful moisture effects is a perfect aid for all skin type.. Some masks might have yellowish color which is totally normal and doesn't reduce the effects of the mask and not because of storing too long but because of the different ingredients  (flavours ) in it. Mailing additional $1.5 (for 11 pcs) and $2.5 (33 pcs) Brand: Entel Type: Others

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$1.5 for 11 pcs of masks $2.5 for 33 pcs of masks