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Happy plant door gifts! A simple yet beautiful plants that brings happiness and beauty to your friends and relatives' !This plant is suitable to be given to a wide range of people! A very popular plants widely accepted by many household! The plants will do well in* bright *office light. In case your office lighting is not bright enough, you can sun it for 2hours twice a week. This is to ensure that they will grow better. Furthermore, it brings lots of benefits to your loved ones! This plant are natural air purifier which purify and give you fresh air! It can further protect you from the harmful radiation emitted by your electronic devices. With all those benefits the plant provides, all it asks for is a just a drink! Low maintance allow many to be able to take good care of it! We cater to both big and large orders! For large orders, do contact us a month in advance for us to to prepare and get the plants ready for you! Each selling @ $13. Plant diameter 6cm. Free 2 lady bugs. Addition $1 for Gift box. Limited stock. Collection @rumbia lrt at seng kang. (Tuesday & Friday khatib mrt in morning 8.45am-1015am) Tag#airplant, tillandsia, birthday gift, office plant, indoor Plant, marimo moss,orchid, happy plant happy father day, gift, birthday gift, house warming, art, airplant, air Plant, fish, goldfish, music, rackets, aquarium/ ranchu, goldfish, Singapore, cheap sale / phals / insects / birds , shirt /offer /pokemon/terrarium/cheap sale /teachers day gift / cat /pet /beer/clock/wire

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Rumbia LRT Station (SE2), Singapore

Rumbia let or under my block