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High class and Special Pro Blue Privacy Filter! People from side angle will now see BLUE color than the traditional black color Another innovative privacy filter from KoolKits. We are specialized in Privacy Filter products. Till now KoolKits provided privacy filters for whole office setups, banks, IT employees, retail shops, Personal computers and laptops. Both quality and price are the best. Please check the comments. This is the best alternative to 3M Gold Privacy Filter in quality and price. >Privacy protection to your laptop >Blue light blockage and UV light blockage >Great protection to eyes >Privacy and protection in one piece >Reduce eye fatigue and Eye strain >Blue light exposure from LED screens is no longer problem >First time introduced in Singapore Original Price: 80$ More than 50% Discount Price: 35$ FREE Cleaning accessories are provided. Anti glare / mate finish one side and glossy other side. Easy installation. We bet, you will never get such a high quality one with this price elsewhere. The item is discounted price and request to consider the price. No further discount will be given (even on large orders also), for your understanding please. For bigger inch (15,17,19,20,22,23,24,27) privacy screen we have high discount promotion going on. Bigger screens delivery depends on the size and order quantity. Refund: Whats so ever you want to get return the product and get refund it has to be done with in 1 week after purchase. Also it is mandatory that you haven't removed the packaging. If packaging is removed no refund as it cannot be sold as first hand item any more. TAGS: #privacy filter #laptop privacy, #privacy screen protector, #screen protector, #laptop screen privacy filter, #50% Off, #high quality privacy filter #Privacy #Anti-Spy

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Raffles MRT, Telok Blangah MRT, Harbour Front MRT

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Cash On Delivery (COD) on working days - at Raffles MRT 12-2pm, at Telok Blangah MRT after 7pm on weekends - at Telok Blangah MRT at any time Postage: I can do Singpost register post, will take additional 5$ due to box packing. Singpost will take 2-3 working days for delivery. If delivery by postage, payment has to be done in advance via paylah account. Tracking code will be shared after registered post is done. Your place delivery: If you want to deliver to your comfortable MRT, it is subjected to my availability. As there are number of orders delivery is going on, some times I might not be available to come to your place to deliver. 3$ additional charge will be done if it is your place delivery.