Olympus E-M5 Mk2 + 14-150mm Mk2


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Camera Body, Olympus E-M5 Mk2: The overall cosmetic condition is good. No visible signs of wear and tear except for the small paint drop at the tip of the prism (as seen in the 3rd photo). Sensor of the camera is clean and the shutter mechanism is still going strong. Screen protector have been pasted on since day 1. The camera is out of warranty as it is 1.5 years old. Kit Lens, Olympus 14-150mm Mk2: This lens is weather sealed. Paired with the E-M5 Mk2, the combination gives you the assurance that a bit of rain isn't gonna stop you from capturing all those precious moments. Optics - Clean. It's free from fungus, haze and other funky nonsense. Some dust particles are expected but they are minimal. Lens body - Signs of use can be noticed if you inspect the 4th photo. Other than that, there is no dings or dents. ___________________ The sales will include: - The camera body with its full retail packaging, including the charger, etc. - The lens that will be in the same retail box as the camera. - Metal handgrip for better ergonomics when using larger lenses. - 1 extra third party battery.

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