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This listing includes: One FULLY functioning refurbished Olympus Trip 35 All orders will be packaged beautifully & gift ready!☺️ • Details: Lens and viewfinder have been cleaned and are nice and bright, free from scratches! The shutter and aperture work correctly. Easy to use, ideal for a novice film user or for a more experienced shooter. The red flag pops up in the viewfinder when there is insufficient light for the auto exposure. • Extra info Specific to Camera: - • WE SELL FILM! Fujicolor C200 (+$6.00 each) • Lens cap (+$10.00) --------------------------- • ABOUT THE CAMERA: The Olympus Trip 35 is a 35 mm camera, manufactured between 1967 and 1984. Over 100 million were sold. The Trip 35 is a compact camera, so it is very easy to use. No batteries required. The light meter and shutter are powered by the solar cells around the lens of the camera. The Trip 35 is a small camera, that is great to start photography with. It is easy to use and only has a few settings. You can use any 35mm film, ranging from 50 to 400 ISO. Brand: Olympus Model: Trip 35 Year: 1967 - 1984 Film type: 35 film Viewfinder: Standard Albada, with parallax marks. Red indication for too little light. Lens: 40mm f/2.8 Olympus D. Zuiko Close Focus: 2.9' (0.9m) Diaphragm: two bladed, diamond-shaped, stopping down to about f/22. Shutter: 1/40 or 1/200, automatically selected. Comes in black or silver Meter: Selenium cell around lens. (automatically incorporates any filter factors.) Exposure: Program automatic (A) and fixed-aperture for flash. Filter Size: 43.5mm Flash: Hot shoe and PC terminal Hot shoe cap not included in purchase Battery: NONE NEEDED --------------------------- • ABOUT THE STUDIOSNAP: Analogue love! Since the introduction of digital photography, taking photographs has become a whole lot easier and faster. Great, right? But have you ever considered the great benefits of analogue photography? No? Every picture you take counts, so you hit the shutter button carefully. Before printing your photo's, you have no idea what you have captured. Sometimes you have even forgotten about the photo's you took! Every single time you pick up your printed photo's, it's a little celebration. Holding the pictures in your hands after waiting for them, hanging them on your fridge or framing them. Hell, you might even make an album! Because most, if not all, analogue camera's are old; light leaks can occur. They give your photo an artistic, retro touch. The original instagram filter! And, These camera's do just look awesome as they are, don't they? I'm a big fan of analogue photography. And I hope that some of that will rub off on you. Yes, YOU. Start your own Analogue adventure! Or help someone else to start theirs. --------------------------- • TAKE NOTE: USE OF OUR PICTURES WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY The camera's I sell in my shop are vintage. This means that they are pre-loved and might have some scratches or dents here or there. I will try to list (cosmetic) defects as well as I can. All of the camera's in my shop are being sold As-Is. All camera's are made to order, thus waiting time will be about 2 weeks. Unfortunately we do not have time to photograph every camera. Photos are of a representative example. We check every camera for its full functionality, to make sure it matches the description! We do however take pictures of special one-off cameras for sale, for example a rare black Trip 35. This will be stated in the description. Refund / Exchange is not allowed. We package the cameras to cushion them from any impact, however should the item suffer damage in the mail, do contact me and we will either refund, exchange of repair them accordingly😊 we allow a 3 days grace period from receiving the item to notify us about the issue & have it mailed back via registered mail (tracking number should be provided by the 3rd day) Deposits made for reservation are strictly NOT refundable because we would have rejected other offers to reserve the camera for you. ----------------------- Tags: Leica film camera instax Canon AE-1 Nikon Olympus Pen Rollei Leica Pentax K1000 Minolta X-700 flash light seals SP F2 f-1 holga pen Polaroid Fujifilm instax film roll analogue film film film film film camera camera camera compact pinhole vintage Pentax K10000 rangefinder MP M6 35mm Contax iia Kodak Junior Canonet Nikon Kiev automati Manual flash Kodacolor Gold 200 Fujicolor c200 Colorplus ekta Natura Vista plus Afgaphoto Ultramax super is superpan rollei ilford pan 400 portra 160 Fomapan HP5 black and white film F1 yashica electro 35 Programme hi matic af2 compact disposable camera lens zoom 50mm Wide angle standard

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