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What is included: 1 x Standard Drone Set 1 x Set of Leg Extensions 3 x Additional Intelligent Flight Batteries (Total: 4) 1 x Advanced Charging Hub 1 x Battery to Power Bank Adapter 1 x Remote Controller Monitor Hood 2 x Folding Propellers (so total is spare 2 pairs) 2 x cases for Drone (Hard-Cover Box and DJI Aircraft Sleeve) 2 x cases for Controller (Hard-Cover Box and Soft Cover bag) 1 x Helipad 2 x Li-Po bags for 4 batteries 1 x Taco RC Filters ND 4/8/16/32 + UV MC. (Ordered from US, not available in SG) What is not included: Memory Card Other details: No more Warranty as this is bought barely over than 6 months ago. Crashed once, sent back to China for repairs for $200. Mainly used in Japan for my graduation trip. Can show you some footage (on Youtube). Price slightly negotiable but don't lowball pls. A lot of items are included in this package, way more than the usual Combo set.