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Online Money Factory: System For Turning Internet Traffic Into A Steady Income! eBook


8 months ago by valuegoodies








Online Money Factory – System For Turning Internet Traffic Into A Steady Income! Table of Contents Not Making Enough Money? Introducing The Online Money Factory How Does An Online Money Factory Work? How Do You Build An Online Money Factory Your Factory Is Ready To Go Online Are You Ready To Build Your Own Online Money Factory? Not Making Enough Money? When you are marketing a product – whether online or off – you need to make as much money as possible off every customer who comes in your door – or visits your website. It's costing you money or time to bring a flow of traffic to your website. If you only partially monetize that traffic, you are losing a lot of potential income. Most websites sell one product. Those visitors who don't buy the product soon leave, never to be seen again – not a penny is gained from them. Those who buy are only spending money one time – and never again. Introducing The Online Money Factory To really make money on the Internet, you need a good system in place. You need a set of procedures that make sure you meet your full potential of making money. And, you need it all to work automatically – if you want to enjoy the freedom that an online business can give you. When you set up a proper system, you'll have a little Factory that sits on the Internet and steadily produces a solid income for you. Just like a brick-and-mortar factory, your Factory takes raw material (Internet traffic) and converts it into the finished product (money). As the traffic flows through your Factory, the systems inside it extract the most possible cash and deposit it in your bank account. How Does An Online Money Factory Work? An Online Money Factory is a number of systems, working closely together as Internet traffic moves through the different stages of your Factory. By integrating a number of small systems together into one Factory, traffic is effectively cycled through and marketed to as often as possible. By having repeated points of sale throughout the system, your Factory produces maximum profits from the traffic you drive in. The Factory is made up of a sales page, a couple of reports, and follow-up e-mail series – all of which work together to keep your traffic where you'll pull the most money from it.

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