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After the over whelming response for first 1000 cups, the next batch of biodegradable plant cups had just arrived! Updated 20 Jul - Cups are selling fast. Place your order now, buy minimum 50 and get further 10% off. Limited time offer! What are biodegradable plants cups and it's advantages? For many years, the conventional way for seeding is through the use of plastic pots. The plastic is petroleum based in makeup and automatically makes them a disposable, but not biodegradable. Nor are they the best way to guarantee that all the plants you purchase would survive and grow. Despite drainage holes, these containers promote root rot through poor air circulation and often many of the plants in these packs do not survive. Introducing the biodegradable plant container to the gardening scene. Consist of wood fiber and peat moss. No drainage holes are necessary and the pot disintegrates into the soil. This prevents the necessity of even removing the plant from the pot when planting which prevents plant shock from happening. The chances of the plant suffering from a change in soil temperature, and its receptiveness in a medium ready for water and additional nutrients improve dramatically. 1pc - $0.40 10pcs - $3.50 30pcs - $10 100pcs - $25 Minimum 30pcs. Dimension: Top 8.5cm x 8.5cm tapering to base at 4.5cm x 4.5cm. Height 8cm. Very decent size. Self collect in the West. NEW!! Courier available with prices from $4 onwards. Price dependent on quantity and quoted directly from the courier company.

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