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[Order by 18/11] &Twice Albums


City Hall MRT Interchange (EW13/NS25)


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Hi Onces :) “&TWICE” ALBUMS - I'm taking orders for the &Twice albums. Intending to buy them at the Nagoya concert venue, so no EMS fees/second payment. - Please read the "note" below and the FAQs before ordering! Please feel free to ask if you have any queries. - Meetup/delivery starts from 14 December. Meetups will be at central areas like Dhoby Ghaut, Cityhall and Bugis MRT. ❗️NOTE❗️ UNSEALED ALBUMS - I will be unsealing the albums to see if I manage to get any member hi-touch photocard/registration code to enter the hi-touch event on 7 December. - As I will also be buying some albums myself, it will not be identifiable whose purchase got me the chance to hi-touch a member (if any). I will therefore not be allocating member photocards to anybody first, to avoid any complications. - If I am lucky and manage to get many member photocards, I will see how they can be distributed amongst the people who join this pre-order (please see FAQ below). - The recent member photocards have been left unpunched (unlike previous eras like BDZ where they punch a hole after it’s used), so they will be as good as brand new. EXCLUSIVE FLYER - As I hope to be lucky enough to enter the fan-sign (really super low chance actually), I will be peeling off the sticker at the bottom of the flyer to see if I manage to win. You will get to retain the flyer after that. - For allocation of the flyers, I will distribute them on first-pay-first-serve basis. So the first buyer who pays will get to choose from my pool which flyer you want, so on and so forth. TRUST - The above arrangement will operate on a trust basis – you have to trust that I will be frank with you on the outcome of the number of flyers and which members I get for the flyers and the unsealed albums. - Honestly, another reason why I’m opening this pre-order (other than the cost of each album being much higher compared to Korean albums) is to prevent wastage – many albums go to waste because they do not contain a member photocard, so I’m hoping that the benefits below will help to make it a better deal for you overall. BENEFITS / WHY JOIN? - Please refer to the images in the listing too, but in short, in return for allowing me to unseal your album and remove the sticker from the flyer, I will be offering the following benefits: 1. Discounted price of the albums as follows: Version A: $95 (original 8500 Yen, about $107) Version B: $45 (original 4200 Yen, about $53) Regular: $36 (original 3300 Yen, about $42) Special price for one set of Version A + Version B + Regular = $172 2. One free Twicelights in Japan trading card for EVERY album you buy 3. Exclusive flyer Personally I don't think there is a real loss, if you are not physically in Japan to attend the fan-sign or hi-touch. In return, you get discounted albums, a concert exclusive flyer and a free trading card :) But of course, this arrangement will not work for Onces who would prefer unsealing the albums themselves to experience the thrill. PAYMENT & REFUND - Full payment has to be made by 18 November 2019 [revised from previous post, as I need to change currency] to secure the order, to avoid back-outs. Payment can be made via bank transfer, paynow or paylah. - In the event that the albums are sold out at the concert venue or the chances for fan-sign are fully redeemed, I will not proceed with the purchase and refund you the full amount you paid, unless you would still like me to purchase at other CD stores like HMV/Tower Records (in which case I will give you whatever pre-order benefits there are, if still available). ❗️FAQ ❗️ Please refer to the images in the listing! Please CTB if you are keen or have any queries! Thanks! :) Tags: Twice Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu &Twice Japan album Feel Special Fancy You

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2019 Nov

Seller was patient and friendly, items received well-packaged. Thank you and will definitely buy again:)