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1 box : $128 3 box : $307.20 6 box : $537.60 Verdurer’s Eucheuma Seaweed Plus is sustainably and organically grown in the pristine, pollutant-free waters of the Pacific Ocean. Containing 10 times more collagen than bird’s nest, this organic red seaweed is rich in enzymes, minerals, calcium, iron, fibre and jelly-form proteins. Abundant in Polysaccharides and Carrageenan; plant-based collagen is widely known for its use in enhancing beauty, earning it the reputation of “Sea Bird’s Nest”. Natural skin structure deteriorates with age. Eucheuma Seaweed Plus effectively replaces lost body collagen stores. It strengthens and tightens high movement areas of the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores and sagging skin for younger, brighter-looking skin. Eucheuma Seaweed Plus contains powerful antioxidants and acts as a natural sunscreen by absorbing UVA rays. It also has antimicrobial benefits, which can help banish blemishes and lighten pigmentation and age spots. Proudly Singaporean Owned Manufacturer: Made in Taiwan under strict ISO 22000 & HACCP quality assurance. Type: Others

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