Original 100% Ginger King Shampoo & Conditioner/Protector


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Original Ginger King Natural Shampoo 1000ml Conditioner 🌹Price for 1 set : $90🌹 🌹FREE HOME DRLIVERY🌹 ⚘Stops & Prevents Hair Loss ⚘Treats Dandruff ⚘Anti-Dandruff & Itchy Scalp ⚘Cleanse Clogged Pores ⚘Remove Excess Oil ⚘Strengthen Hair Roots ⚘Promotes Blood Circulation ⚘Improves Fatique Syndrome ⚘ Helps With Migraines Probs 🍒Closing date for order : 15 August 🌿Need to transfer payment by closing date 🌿Item will be delivered to yr home 3-5 working days from closing date